10 Ideas to Generate Press Releases, resources and stories

 February 12, 2012
You are a moderately successful business or enterprise, you are doing quite well but you think that because you haven’t had any major events, sales drives, promotions, exciting new hires or any of the other myriad reasons to issue a press release – you don’t have any news to report 


No matter what industry or business you are in, how many employees you have – you are regularly making news. With a bit of thought and a different approach, you will be able to generate at least twice as many press releases, stories, articles or material to share with customers and potential customers than before. Here we offer you ten tips to generate material to get you and your business in the headlines and shared on social media sites!

  1. Awards and Achievements – If you or any of your employees have won an award recently then this is obviously news to be spread but it doesn’t necessarily have to be to do with the business. If you have received any recognition for charity work, ran any races, helped children achieve Eagle Scout or Girl Guide badges – these are news!  They let your clients know that you are trustworthy, engaged, good people that are worth doing business with.
  2. Share some inspiration – what might be an ordinary day at your office might be above and beyond to anybody else. What do you do for your customers and each other that is going the extra mile? What is business as usual for you that would be extraordinary for somebody meeting your team for the first time?
  3. Case Studies – why not showcase your best work? Compile a greatest hits package, of your most difficult and rewarding deals and share them online and on your Social Media sites.
  4. Going Green – Any environmental initiatives that make your business more cost-effective or efficient will be warmly received as will any green products or services that you will provide.
  5. Mythbusting – not about your company but are there any long-standing myths or misconceptions that surround your industry or area?  Now is your chance to compile a story setting the record straight and helping reporters frame a story about what other popular misconceptions we share.
  6. Charity begins at home – any charity or volunteer work you or your employees do can be highlighted to show your personal sides and also that you are the kind of people who go the extra mile for others when they don’t need to.
  7. Holiday Events – Do you do anything special for Thanksgiving, Halloween or 4th of July Weekend? Show your party side to your public!
  8. Trending Tech – Are you on Pinterest? Do you Hangout with customers on Google+? Have you traded in your mainframes for Tablets and Androids? Let the world know how bleeding edge your team are.
  9. Events and Sponsorships – if you are having any external events that you or your team are taking part in then help to publicize them. They not only humanize your team but they will add to the publicity surrounding them. Similarly if you sponsor any junior teams or events then give them an extra PR push too.
  10. Tips of the Trade – in the new economy, knowledge and reliability are going to be the key currency for consumers. Realtors, Tradespeople, mechanics – anybody who is light with their knowledge is going to be in greater demand than the first name in the listings. The 1930s Main Street was home to expert tradespeople who knew their customers needs, gave their expertise freely and who trusted them with their business in return.  This is going to be your key edge moving forward.

Each one of these could provide you with inspiration or ideas on an angle to promote or push your business when you think you have nothing worth shouting about. Well you do, always!

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