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Launched in 2004, 24-7 Press Release is based in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada and markets itself as an effective and affordable press release service. They have over 60,000 members and offer several comparable media distribution services.


24-7 Press Release operates a standard Press Release template with four sections to be completed by the user. A main headline accompanied by a short description of the release is the first section, the main body of the release and attachments follow along with contact details.

Distribution options vary according to package but include websites, databases, bloggers, search engines traditional media and also specific RSS or javafeed scripts.

24-7 Press Release also offers a free Press Release service but this is lottery based and offers no guarantee of distribution, unlike their paid packages.

Their analytical service includes a PR report that can be emailed to four different email addresses and includes links to published versions of the release on the relevant site.

They also offer an affiliate referral service offering a commission of $15 per organization that is referred to 24-7 Press Release and purchases on of their packages.

Pricing Structure

24-7 Press Release offers four separate and distinct pricing and service packages for the customer to choose from.

The first package is called Online Visibility. It costs $49 per release and includes distribution to the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Ask and AOL. Also targeted are popular newswires including Google News and their opt-in journalist subscribers,

The release can be included in up to seven industry categories with complimentary SEO tags, keywords and anchor text links. Four additional files or images can also be attached or included.

The analytics are included in their emailed PR report along with their email of published links. The release will be displayed on the 24-7 Press Release website permanently and on their newsfeed and will be issued within 48 hours of receipt by 24-7 Press Release.

The second package is called SEO Professional. It costs $89 and includes all of the features of the Online Visibility package along with added newswires, their 20 premium news website partners, distribution to their 24-7 Newswire Network which links to 300 industry channel websites. The release can be placed in ten industry categories and includes the complimentary SEO enhancements.

The release will be distributed within 24 hours of receipt and can include video up to two minutes in length along with four additional files or images and an easy access social media toolbar. Once distributed, the release will be displayed on the 24-7 Press Release front page, above Online Visibility package releases and will also be searchable within their database and newsfeed.

The third is called SEO & Media Exposure. It costs $139 per release and includes all of the features of the SEO Professional package along with distribution to over 6500 US based newspapers, a targeted distribution to over 3500 magazines, inclusion in the 24-7 Press Release Twitter feed announcing the release issue and extra coverage included in their emailed PR report. The release will be issued within 24 hours but will be reviewed and optimized by a member of the 24-7 Press Release editorial staff. A video of three minutes can be attached along with seven additional files and it can be placed in up to twelve industry category sections.

The final package is called Mass Media Visibility. It costs $369 per release and includes all of the features and benefits outlined above along with distribution to all of their online contacts, websites, database numbering over 5000 along with a distribution to the US Newspapers and Magazines database. The release will also be sent to PR Newswire’s membership list of paying professional journalists. The release will be issued within 24 hours including review and optimization and receives the highest placement and spotlight on the 24-7 Press Release Front Page.

There is also a free press release service but this offers no guarantee of acceptance or delivery so should not be considered by any serious user.

Other Features and Benefits

24-7 Press Release offers an FAQ, links to other sites and publications of interest to professionals, Press Release writing tips, a dedicated RSS feed for new stories, and a unique, dedicated Video press release section for filmed releases.

Overall 24-7 Press Release Review

24-7 Press Release is a solid alternative to other services on the market. They have a large and varied list of customers including several international brands and while their packages offer a range of services for every budget, their basic packages are good value, including a free service.

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5 Reviews of 24-7Press Release

  1. Tom

    I issued press releases through both 24-7 Press Release and PRWeb in the same week. The response from the PRWeb distribution was a bit better, but the cost was $200 vs $140 for 24-7. This service is not bad for the cost.

  2. Mike

    I just placed a press release through your 24-7 site. The site was really easy to use and they had lots of options for adding additional material to your press release – images, etc.

  3. Lucy Dean

    I’ve been using the $49 option at 24-7 Press Release with very good results considering the price. It gives you excellent results especially when it comes to SEO purposes.

  4. Samantha Jackson

    We found the $139 package an excellent value with great results. They have many options without confusion. The actual press release distribution reporting was fantastic and great customer service. PR Web is decent, but just found better value with the 24-7pressrelease.com site.

  5. steve j.

    Just sent a press release using 24/7. Very easy to use, although I have done PR before so I was not totally new. Prior to signing up, I did a check by selecting a number of random releases posted on their site, then did searches for them on google. All ranked very high, so I could see 24/7 had done a good job. 24/7 was a good value compared to about 8 other services I looked at, including PR Web, who was my second choice. BTW, I found a coupon on the internet for the $139 package,and saved $30. I think it was groupon.

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