5 Marketing Tips For When Business Is Slow

Slow business happens. While some companies chalk it up to be part of the season, others take action and work to boost customer acquisition and increase sales — regardless of the time of year. If you’re concerned about your company’s slower times, consider some of these tips that can reign in new customers. And, most of these techniques can be implemented year-round for continuing acquisition.


5. Email Customers


Customers can quickly forget about a company. If you have customer email addresses, use them to email your customers and get in touch with them. By staying connected you keep your company in a customer’s mind. Include quick updates, tell them about new products or services, or offer a coupon code to entice them to come back for another purchase.


4. Use Social Media


Social media is important for any business and any industry. Create a Facebook business page for your business and use it to attract current and new customers. Use other free social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Google + pages. Promote new products or services on your social media sites. Encourage customers to “Like” or “Follow” your pages to stay up to date on the latest deals and news regarding your company.


3. See What the Competition Is Up To


Just because you’re slow doesn’t mean your competition is. According to experts at Marketing Exchange, one of the best ways to increase business is to see what the competition is up to. See how they’re operating on social media, how their web pages are setup and what promotions they’re offering to stay afloat. Use that competitive knowledge to see what is working for other companies and implement it in your own.


2. Offer Creative Promotions


People these days are constantly looking for deals. Try offering deals to customers through different promotion types, such as printable coupons, coupon codes, one-time discounts, discounts for referrals or signing up, etc. Promote your discounts through email and social media.


1. Create Marketing Videos


Sometimes Internet users want to watch something rather than read something. Create a video for your business that you can load to your site, social media and sharing sites like YouTube. Create a simple marketing video, such as showcasing a new product, service or promotion. You can offer additional incentive to customers for watching the video, such as a printable coupon code posted at the end.

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