5 Tips To Save Money On Your Internet Bill

The Internet is a wonderful tool. It can keep you connected with friends, give you a weather forecast and even help you make money. However, having access to the Internet in your home isn’t free. What are some things that you can do to lower your Internet bill each month?


1) Dial-Up Is The Cheapest


A dial-up Internet connection can be had for as little as $9.99 a month or less. While you sacrifice speed and convenience, it can be a great way to keep your Internet bill to a minimum if you don’t have a need or desire to be online at all times.


2) How Much Speed Do You Need?


Most service providers will offer different connection speeds to help you save money. The slower your Internet goes, the less you have to pay each month. Those who just use the Internet for browsing or blogging can get by with the lowest tier without having any issues.


3) Can You Get It In A Bundle?


Bundling your Internet plan with your home phone and cable TV plans can save you money on all three services. New customers may be able to save even more if the phone or cable company is offering reduced rates to new customers. Before picking a Canada Internet service provider, make sure that you don’t have to sign a service contract.


4) Negotiate With Your Internet Service Provider


Paying full price for Internet service is a lot like paying full price for a car. With just a little effort and patience, you can usually get your service provider to give you a lower rate than what is being advertised.


5) Shop Around For The Best Rates


The easiest way to save money on anything that you buy is to shop around. This allows you to find the best rates in town without having to make any commitments. When you do eventually contact a service provider, you will know that you are getting the lowest possible rate. That makes it easier to confirm your decision and not regret it later on.



The Internet is a wonderful creation that people cannot get enough of. Unfortunately, it costs money each month to access an Internet connection. The good news is that there are several easy ways that you can keep costs down. You should never have to pay too much for the things that you use each and every day.

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