5 Updates Your Office Desperately Needs to Improve Morale

If your employees are spending eight hours a day, five days a week working at your company, they deserve to work in an office space that they will enjoy. A dull, out-of-date office space will drain your employees of the energy they need to get anything done while an updated office space will improve morale and productivity. Here are five updates your office desperately needs today.

1. An Updated Break Room


Visiting the break room for lunch or a quick minute of down time gives your employees the energy they need to make it through a long day. They will not return ready to work if the break room is outdated and depressing. Update it with simple changes such as fresh paint, better lighting and some new art on the wall.

2. Working Vending Machines


Visiting the vending machines is another way hard-working employees like to take a quick break. The sugar and caffeine found in candy and soda help them quickly recharge so they can get back to being productive. Broken vending machines and machines that are not stocked drain office morale by reminding employees that they do not get to take that quick mental break.

3. Holiday Decorations


Holiday decorations are another great way to improve your office morale. They do not have to cost much money or take much time, but just having them up will make your business a much more cheery place to work. Decorate with fake Christmas trees, fake poinsettias, jack-o-lanterns or flags. Put holiday candy in the break room and holiday themed decorations on the walls.

4. Current Productivity Status Reports


If you really want to boost office morale and productivity, encourage friendly productivity competitions with rewards or prizes. By posting current productivity status reports, employees will see how they and their colleagues are doing each month, which will encourage them to work harder in the name of friendly competition.

5. Newer Technology


While it is not usually essential to have the absolute latest in groundbreaking technology, your employees should not be forced to use outdated, obsolete or broken technology. Replacing old technology with newer technology will make your employee’s jobs easier and boost their morale. If you cannot replace all the technology, at least replace the oldest or most used items.

Happy employees are productive employees that help the business grow and succeed. Do not put your bottom dollar before your employees or your sales will tank too. Improve your office morale and your sales will naturally begin to increase as well.

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