5 Ways to get More Traffic to Your Website

 August 23, 2013

Having a digital presence is necessary in today’s Internet-driven world but just building a website is not enough. Whether it is an individual or a business, attracting web traffic is something that requires hard work, determination, patience and time. Even more challenging is the way Google and other big search engines constantly change algorithms, which can confuse and frustrate marketers. Although it is easier for a business to pay to be listed in a directory, the following five tips are helpful for driving traffic to a site.

Great Content

“Content is king” is one of the oldest rules of the web that still holds true today. Posting fresh, engaging content at least three times per week is the top method for attracting and keeping visitors. This could be in the form of information, reviews or personal stories. Encouraging comments or using a call to action will encourage interactivity.

Google Places

Google Places is a service that utilizes geo-location to assist searchers in finding businesses locally. Not having a page on Google Places could give competitors a large advantage, so it pays off to invest the time to set one up.

Social Media

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are a must for businesses to get noticed and stay in touch with customers. Social Media has more reach than email due to the ability to share links and content over multiple networks. There is no reason not to have a presence on social media, especially with sites like GroSocial tools that help make those pages as attractive as possible.



Along with social media, a company can encourage visitors to review the site or service on Yelp or Google. This is due to reviews placing highly in search engines. Whether positive or negative, reviews help a business keep tabs on how well it is doing and where it needs to improve. Being accessible to customers can improve search engine ranking as well.


Although it may seem a bit old school, offering a newsletter signup to visitors can increase traffic and engagement by encouraging click-throughs via teasers and blurbs. An email newsletter is also easily forwarded and shared with coworkers and friends. A newsletter is best managed through a professional service such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.


Following the above tips will help a site to organically increase its traffic.

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