Business Giants: Top 5 Best Marketing Campaigns and What Your Business Can Learn from Them

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How do you create a significant ripple and gain mindshare in an overcrowded marketplace with an increasingly skeptical audience?

Suppose, for example, you want to promote an excellent cause like helping veterinarians grow their customer base. You could use fliers, an online campaign, or even direct mail postcards for vets. This will help vets get more patients. But in order for the campaign to go viral, you need to add a clever twist.

Here are five campaigns that describe how to add a clever twist to your marketing.

1. The Chocolate Milk Campaign


How did the advertising firm of Weber Shandrack convince adults to get enthusiastic about consuming a kid’s beverage?

They targeted influencers to talk about chocolate milk as an exercise recuperation beverage. Hines Ward from the Pittsburgh Steelers educated the public about the recuperative powers of chocolate milk after an exhaustive workout, talking about the many nutrients found in chocolate and milk. The milk board tracked a steady increase in chocolate milk consumption by adults over several months.

What you can do:

Focus on getting influencers to speak about the benefits of your product or service.

2. The Harry Potter Campaign


JK Rowling’s books on Harry Potter have been read by millions, and millions have watched the movies, too. Yet all this was driven by only 43 key influencers. These influencers increased email click through rates to ten percent after a Harry Potter event, like a new book, movie, or award. The usual rate is half a percent.

What you can do:

Use email marketing to continue to spread the buzz after an event, and get key influencers to promote the email campaigns.

3. The Old Spice Campaign


Old Spice, a brand often associated with a bygone era of manliness, was revived by the outrageous sex appeal of their spokesperson, as dramatized through YouTube Video commercials.

What you can do:

Find someone who is larger-than-life, make him your spokesperson, and highlight his charisma with special-effects through YouTube commercials.

4. The Queensland Board of Tourism Campaign


Imagine seeing a classified ad in your local newspaper about a job that pays $150,000 for six months doing simple tasks like pool cleaning, fish feeding, and collecting mail in a tropical island off the Great Barrier Reef. That’s what the Queensland Board of Tourism did and they created a huge wave of publicity. Specifically, 7 million visitors to their website, applications from 34,000 people from 200 countries, and 500,000 votes for the best job on the planet.

What you can do:

Try out non-traditional marketing channels and make an offer that is so big that it will automatically go viral.

5. The Rainbow Band Campaign


The music industry suffered a financial shock after the digital revolution made it possible for people to share their music online at low to no cost. When the Rainbow Band cut their seventh album, they decided to ride this wave of social change instead of fighting it. So, they asked their fans to pay whatever they liked to download the album to their computer or other devices. The result was 3 million downloads and $10 million.

What you can do:

Don’t fight the waves of technological and social change, ride them to turn your business around.

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