Creating Great Press Releases

If you want your business to grow, you will need to spend time promoting it. While there are many different ways to advertise your website and business, press releases can be really effective. If you want press releases to help your business grow, the trick is learning how to use them effectively. You won’t be creating an advertisement for your business. Instead you are providing quality information that in turn draws traffic to your website.

You are probably wondering what it takes to create an effective press release. Let’s look at some of the elements that effective press releases share so that you can use these when creating your own release. Using these principles, you can create an interesting press release that will help your business and website to grow.

Applicable Topic
You aren’t trying to sell anything in a press release. Think of it as providing quality information about your business. Ask yourself what news your business has to offer. Maybe you have just launched a new website or perhaps you have a free product available for a limited time. Once you have a topic, write your release so that it informs rather than sells. A good way to work on your style is to read a few press releases that you find effective and then to model your release using a similar style.

Use Quotes
Quotes are a great way to fill up your press release and to provide quality information to the readers. Think about it, when using a quote you can include your name and company name in the article which will allow you to show off your skill and expertise. Say something like Susan Johnson of the Blue Plate Company said, “Creating plates is a form of art. When looking for high quality…” In this example your name would go in place of Susan Johnson’s, your company name in place of Blue Plate Company and your quote in place of the quote. You can also quote industry experts and employees.

Stick to 1 Page or Less
Press releases need to get to their point quickly. The point of your press release is getting the word out to reporters and media outlets in their selected area. Reporters are busy and don’t want to read page after page. Make sure that your press release is never longer than a page. If you know a lot about a topic it can be hard to narrow down the information, so work on creating a really focused topic and press release.

Be Creative
If there are 100 press releases on the same topic out there already, yours won’t really stand out. However, if you have a unique spin, yours might get noticed. Find a unique angle on topics or find a unique way to present the information that you are reporting.

Offer Solutions to Industry Problems
If you are searching for a great press release topic, consider searching through forums and message boards in your industry. Find problems in the industry and write a press release showing how these problems can be solved. This is a great way to provide new content while still promoting your business.

If you use these principles you can create a great press release and get exposure for your business. On the other hand if you ignore these principles you can rest assured that your press release will be thrown out and won’t even get any consideration.  You may want to consider hiring a press release writing service to create a great press release for your business.

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