Do Press Releases Work?

Everyday companies both big and small create press releases to send out via the PR and online wire in an effort to gain some notoriety for their businesses, but does this tactic of writing and distributing press releases work? The tactic obviously has come success otherwise there wouldn’t be so many businesses doing it, but the answer really all depends on the press release itself and how it is sent out.

Every single day of the week millions of people go online and conduct searches on everything under the sun. Really what they are looking for is information. It therefore stands to reason that a well written press release that is both thought provoking and informative will indeed garner some much needed attention for a business. However, if a press release is poorly written and comes off like a flat out sales pitch then people are not likely to read very much, if any, of the press release and the tactic would therefore prove ineffective.

If you are considering using press releases to help promote your business you must keep in mind that people who read press releases are looking for news and information, not a ‘two for one’ special. When you put your press release together you have to do so in a way where you are giving out informative content and if you do mention your business it needs to be in a way that is very subtle and stealth like.

It also makes a big difference as to what press release services you use. There are a good number of free press release services that are available for anyone to use, but keep in mind that they are in fact free and sometimes you get what you pay for. If you have a bit of an advertising budget, along with the free press release services, you can also use some of the pay press release services that are available. These services are generally going to be able to get your press release in front of more people which in turn will give you a better chance to have your press release read.

Lastly, another factor on whether or not your press release will be effective is how well you use search engine optimization, or SEO, techniques. If you use good SEO practices then the search engines will pick up on that fact and reward you with a higher ranking for your press release on the search engine results pages –SERPs- which will get more looks, clicks, and hopefully traffic for your website or business. However, all the great SEO in the world will do nothing if you have a poorly written press release.

So the long and the short of it is, press releases do in fact work, and work well, when they are written properly and distributed with the top press release companies around. The more you get your press release read obviously the better off you will be so you have to do everything you can, including maybe put out a little bit of money, to ensure that this happens.

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  1. Kevin

    Press releases can work, the key is to write one that is really newsworthy. If what you have to say is boring, don’t expect much response. If you’ve got news that many people will find interesting, news media may very well cover your story and send tons of traffic your way. I’ve posted both types of releases, so take it from me.

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