Emotionally Intelligent Vocabulary

 February 13, 2012

Of course the most important component of any Press Release is the language used. There are always several ways to put your message across but the most effective is always to use the right language.  This doesn’t always mean the most obvious or appropriate phrase, but the one that connects emotionally with the reader.

For instance, a press release from an animal shelter charity that wants to raise donations will not start with a straight out appeal for funds. They will use lots of emotive language, mental images and actual pictures to create the personal and emotional connection with the reader before getting to the central pillar of their message.

This technique applies not just for press releases but sales letters, emails, marketing material – any writing where the readers has to be persuaded or influenced.

A key point to bear in mind is to use words which indicate a benefit to the reader. Apply, Opportunity, Demo, Connect, Payments, and Conference are all words which infer aspiration, achievement and positivity.

Similarly, words which indicate some kind of action or assistance may be seen as inherently negative because they require something of the reader before the appropriate connection has been established. You are asking an action of them before any benefit to the reader has been established. Words and phrases that can fall into this category include Confirm, Join, Assistance, Speaker, Press, Social, and Invite.

Writing with emotionally intelligent vocabulary takes some practice and honing over time. A good method of synthesizing your style is to read the prose aloud to yourself after you have written it to see if it sounds persuading or demanding, subtle or obvious, what comes across one way on the page can be quite different when read aloud with emphasis and direction.

Ultimately, the use of emotionally intelligent language will not just connect better with your audience but will also draw out new facets in you as an engaging press release writer, which is a tremendous benefit going forward.

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