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Lowest Cost: $399
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Ereleases was founded by entrepreneur Mickie Kennedy and proudly displays its partnership agreement with PR Newswire on its front page. It also makes great play about sending press releases directly to Google, the New York Times, USA Today, Yahoo! And Lycos.

Ereleases offers a Press Release submission, distribution and writing service with a fully integrated distribution system via PR Newswire. They have general distribution lists which target the main media across print, radio, TV and the internet along with freelance journalists and any combination of the above. They also maintain that their distribution system meets all SEC disclosure requirements and any releases sent via Ereleases will be stored and is searchable within the PR Newswire members section. They also offer an SEO service and analytics along with Social Media bookmarking and linking facilities.

They also offer a comprehensive trade and targeted contact list selection which covers more than 90,000 journalists. They proudly claim to contact journalists directly rather than via newsrooms or editorial email addresses and aim to offer a full distribution, optimization and tracking service for companies with a sensible budget.

Functionality – Tools

Ereleases offers a press release submission system with optional editing and review capability called ReleaseReview from their in-house editorial staff which offers a two-tier approach to catch any mistakes or errors in a release. Their distribution via PR Newswire reaches thousands of outlets but is quite specific about their being no guarantees of pickup or success regarding media coverage or follow up. The release will also be included on a website called and afterwards they offer a detailed completion report confirming distribution and picking up highlighted cuttings where the release has been seen and reported. Releases can be sorted by date, categories and subject.

Their submission section is a confusing mix of types, styles, fonts, sizes and colors and it is laborious to scroll down to the end although it is easy to find the section to enter your contact details and receive a call back from PR Newswire to begin your press release submission service.


Various customer and consumer testimonials for Ereleases are available throughout the website especially in the Press Release submission section. They appear in regular insets within the page as mini success case studies. The testimonials themselves are very comprehensive but they are laid out in a confused manner and if the casual reader is not paying close attention it would be quite easy to breeze over them and miss them completely as they do appear at first glance to be pop-up ads.

Pricing Structure

There is no explicit pricing structure available for but their press release distribution service begins at $399; their press release writing service begins at $299 but may or may not include distribution. They offer a reduced price for non-profit organizations for distribution and press release writing services called Causewire; The service begin at $199 for distribution and $299 for writing. There is a dedicated customer support service available for 12 hours, Monday to Friday.

Other features/benefits

The site has been approved by McAfee SiteAdvisor as green for Safety, Adware and Spam and features a ubiquitous picture of site founder Mickie Kennedy. Kennedy also gives a free, 30-minute interview on his best tips for writing a successful press release

Overall Ereleases Review

Ereleases is a site of great potential that has yet to be realized for various reasons. The site could be clearer with more emphasis on services rather than unfocused advice and although the partnership with PR Newswire is definitely an advantage and worthy of consideration, a user may question why stick with Ereleases as a middleman when they could engage PR Newswire directly.

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3 Reviews of EReleases

  1. David

    I checked into this service, but the price seemed very high compared to competition. I suppose this is a higher quality distribution service. They seem to have quite a track record, but would like to hear from someone that has used them. Is it worth the additional expense?

  2. Lee Smith

    David: is the best service I have found that distributes to the most websites and journalist for the cost at $399. Better than PR Web.

    Their partnership with PR Newswire lets them distribute nationwide. Other press release companies that have partnerships with PR Newswire only lets them distribute locally. Big difference.

    It is cheaper to use instead of going to Pr Newswire because they would charge you double the price for what eReleases cost to post to the same sources. Please rewrite the last paragraph on this website.

  3. Lisa

    Here’s an update. E-releases offers the SAME distribution channels through PR Newswire as its own iReach service. iReach has CHANGED dramatically since September 2014 as it no longer puts press releases on its main site, etc. In other words, E-releases and PR Newswire iReach are pretty much the same service. As far as distribution, you mostly get a one day view in a newsroom site and listing on vanity pages that no one reads. As someone that has paid to use both services and got the same thing, the last paragraph in the original article is totally accurate as of November 2014.

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