Lowest Cost: $75
Distribution Network: 485,000 individual writers, editors and reporters
Pagerank: 5

EWorldWire makes your press release visible to thousands of targeted Google and Yahoo! users and many other internet websites and news organizations.  Put your press release in front of thousands of journalists and websites through a state-of-the-art proprietary news wire digital network.

EWorldwire was founded in 1996 by World Internet Marketing Inc. as a custom, boutique-style service to the public and business. They say: “What distinguishes us in our market is our exclusive concentration on the individual unique needs of business. For us, the small and growing business is not an afterthought – it is at the forefront of all of our activity. For us, there is no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter delivery to be found in our approach. Every press release is addressed individually. Each distribution is handled on its own, without being bunched up or lost in a pack of others.”


Eworldwire makes a big pitch of its services and functionality with a complete checklist of its available services. They offer a full text Press release service with an expert in-house copywriter service to support the client. For more advanced releases a video production and podcasting service is available to provide extra multimedia content.
Eworldwire have recently produced a mobile phone specific website – E4mobile.com – which is optimized for Smartphones, an increasingly popular method of consumption amongst the public and the media.

They offer basic sharing gadgets for the major websites, an RSS feed, industry categories to aid retrieval of releases, indefinite release storage, the option to use your own contact list rather than a set or pre-used list, a clipping and analytics service to follow up the success of the release. Eworldwide also offer a Press inquiry lead notification service – a ready-made press office to collate and entertain press inquiries if an individual or business sending the release is unready, unwilling or unable to deal with media follow-up to their release.

They also offer a system called EDGAR CONNECT for publically listed companies to file directly to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) system.

Pricing Structure

A full and comprehensive pricing structure is available on their website and covers basic distribution, Video, Audio and SEO enhancement services, copywriting and reviews, Industry and geographic specific targeting and distribution, Ethnic/cultural specific targeting and distribution and publically listed companies’ statutory reporting duties.

Some examples would be a press release to all major newswires and websites would be $99, a video news release would be $299, a podcast $99, $200 to use their professional news release writing and editing service, $100 to target specific media within a state in the United States and any combination of the above.

Other features/benefits

Eworldwire provides a dedicated journalist membership service.

Overall EWorldWire Review

While not as comprehensive as some of the other services available eworldwire.com is a confident, worthwhile press release distributor and should be considered when looking at sites. They are the only site to specifically offer a financial reporting service and who take mobile viewing and optimization seriously enough to invest in a dedicated delivery system for Smartphones and mobiles.

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6 Reviews of EWorldWire

  1. Ted Fullerton

    Phenomenal response to pr. I was contacted by CNN and FOX News and did a interview with my local affiliate here in LA.

    My website received and still receives a tremendous amount of traffic.

    The customer service at Eworldwire is second to none.

    Would recommend to anyone.

  2. Markus

    Eworldwire.com put my news everywhere – blogs, yahoo, google, journalists – and I got a ton of traffic. Worked well for me.

  3. Marty Pine

    Great results will use again.

  4. Cindy

    Great service we sent one out with them a few years ago and still are getting calls from our release on the search engines and other websites. Just sent out another recently and were very please. On a side note the people there are very friendly and eager to help.

  5. George Tyrrell

    About how many recipients (news wires, TV, etc)does each one of your 3 plans reach? Just a general ball park figure. I would not like to go over $99.


    G. Tyrrell

  6. Tommy Kalantos

    Exceeded my expectations, great writers and very helpful staff as well.

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