Finally Graduated: 6 Jobs you Can do After College

 June 28, 2013

When you have just invested heavily in your education, it may surprise you that people are not knocking down your door to offer you a job! The truth of the matter is that it can take some time to get the job of your dreams, and in the meantime, you still need to eat. Consider the following jobs that you can get right out of school.


Freelancer Writer


There are plenty of websites looking for articles and tutorials, and if you are fresh from working on your favorite college papers, chances are good that you have the skill to write what they need. Remember to price yourself per word, and that working quickly is essential to making the money that you require.


Food Service


The truth is that service can pay off more than you might think. The key is to get jobs in places that are more high end than your local fast food spot. People who work the front get paid more than people who work the back, so put on your best server smile!


Car Salesperson


If you are looking for a place to hone your bargaining skills and if you want to learn how to make a good impression, consider sales jobs. Working for a car dealership can give you some fantastic commissions to your name.


Tech Support


If you are looking for a job where you can look any way you want, think about getting work in tech support. Not only can you learn more about how your own gear works, you will find that this job is refreshingly straightforward. Some establishments let you come in, in your pajamas as long as you do the work right.




There is a great demand for captioners, that is, people who transcribe phone calls for the deaf. This job has a bit of a learning curve, but if you type relatively quickly and have a good ear, it could be a great job for you.




If you are invested in working in a care position, you may take on a job as a companion when you are first getting started. Personal companions help people with disabilities get around and navigate the world. These jobs are very varied, and they can help you learn more about how you want to work in the future.  Take a few moments to learn more about what your options are with regards to your post-graduate employment; there are some great choices waiting for you.

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