Five Sure Fire Tips to Hiring Your First Employee

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When hiring a new employee, a company must set up, and follow, proper protocols. This will make things easier in the future when bringing new staff on board. With that being said, here are five sure-fire tips to hiring your first employee.

Health care:

To retain the hardest working and most talented employees, a company must go above and beyond the norm and offer health care. In reality, an entrepreneur must understand the affordable health care act before hiring a staff member as one mistake can cause problems. Either way, when providing health insurance coverage, a company will go a long way in retaining the employee and may even qualify for business tax credits.

Solid interview:

All too often, a small business owner will not interview his or her first employee. This happens when a person runs a small company and does not want to take time to ask the right questions. While it is easier this way, an entrepreneur must interview new candidates thoroughly and ask any tough and relevant questions.


While it is nice to have an informal setting, a company must avoid this in the long run. Otherwise, employees may not know what to do and will struggle to complete their work. To avoid this problem, a company owner should have a well-defined job description for every team member. While this might seem like overkill, it will help in the long-term when an employee knows exactly what he or she needs to do every day.


When finding new workers, a company should strive to build a relationship that enables the employee to learn and improve his or her skills. To do this, a company must define its expectations of the first employee. This will help in the future when a worker knows what they need to do to succeed. At the same time, when doing this, the company should also hold quarterly reviews and address any issues with the staff member.


As mentioned, a savvy entrepreneur should try to do everything to keep smart and hardworking employees. To do this, the business should offer a 401k or other retirement plan. This will ensure that the first employee will remain satisfied and can continue to come to work satisfied and ready to do well.

When hiring the first employee, a company must set the precedent and follow all the rules. When doing this, employees and owners can work together and achieve a higher level of profitability in the long run.

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