Great Resources for Press Release Writing

Background/History on Press Releases

Press releases have long served as a way to get accurate news to the media. The first press release was back in 1906 after a train wreck in Atlantic City. The company wanted to submit an official story to the press before rumors or speculations spread. Ever since then the popularity of press releases has grown. They serve as a way for companies, organizations, or even individuals to get their story to various media outlets. You can learn more about the history of press releases at Wiki. Today, many press releases serve as a way to get media exposure and journalist rely on them to get information for their assignments.

How to write a press release

This WikiHow link is a great resource for learning the basics of how to write a press release. They break the process down into seven clear steps. While writing a release isn’t necessarily hard, you do need familiarize yourself with the process. This link also gives some great tips on writing your release.

Formatting a press release

There are specific formats to follow when writing a press release. This page goes over the unique formatting aspects of a press release. If you follow this formatting, it will increase your odds of being published.

Structure of press release

Additionally, the structure of a press release is unique. Journalists expect releases to be in a certain structure. If you submit something different, they may not want to waste their time with someone who hasn’t learned standard protocol. By submitting your release in the same structure as a news story, you make it easier for journalist to use without extensive editing. This link goes over the inverted triangle structure that should be used.

Microsoft Office Press Release Templates

To aid in writing your press release, Microsoft has several templates available to help you get started. Working from a template can make the process much easier. They have templates for several different occasions, such as new product or quarterly earnings report. All you need to do is go in and edit the text, but the formatting is already in place.

Tips on writing your own press release

Anyone new to writing a press release should definitely reviews tips on writing your own. There is a specific style to these, and it’s for that reason that many hire press release writers. However, if you do your homework and seek out resources online, you will be prepared to draft your own press release.

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