Holiday Rocks – how to get your press release noticed at this busy time

 December 14, 2011
Invitations are going out, tables are being decorated, parties are being held, yes, the holidays are well and truly upon us but for the intrepid PR professional, the race to get your release out and get it noticed before the keyboard and tablets are locked away either at the end of this week or early next week is on. 

Trouble is, as well as your own busy office/social life is happening, so are the audiences whether the be journalists, customers or opinion formers so you are going to have to work that little big harder now to make sure your release gets the true attention that it deserves.

Fortunately, there are some timely ways and means of doing this – we give you our five favorite holiday helpful hints!

1) Holiday Times

If you are going to be having some downtime during the Holiday season then it is imperative that you let your customers and audience know about it. Similarly, if you are going to be working through, make it an announcement, that you are putting their needs first, 24/7, 365. This is one of the busiest ordering periods of the year so by having this information front and center, as well as out in public, you will be doing your audiences a favor, as well as cementing your place as a thoughtful company.

2) The season of giving

If your organization is involved in any charitable activity at this time of year, collecting toys, helping cook food or deliver presents etc, then tell the world about it! Local news organizations are always hunting around for local stories at this time of year and if you are giving them some good news on their plate. They won’t forget it and how good will you look?

3) Christmas Catalog

Do you have any new products or services or any seasonal offers to push out? Now is the time for every bargain hunter to be going to extra lengths to secure the best deals for them and their families so take advantage of the extra eyes that are scouring the internet and the pages. Especially if you specialize in high-demand products or services.

4) Seasonal Promotions

Simply, if you are giving 5-10% off at this time of year then make sure that the media know about it. As well as local good news stories, the media are looking for local commerce, deals, discounts – Holidays + Local = opportunities for positive media exposure for you and your company.

5) Year in Review/New Year Predictions

What else have you done and achieved this year? What other stories have you told this year? Now is the time that all media are doing their look back on 2011 features so any news you have from the previous year, even if, especially if, it has been featured before will now be given a second chance to be used again – two bites for the price of one. Similarly, if you are planning any new ventures or announcements in 2012, then this will be the perfect time to trail them or announce them in advance or at least get them placed into the media’s editorial calendars for the year ahead. This will also keep you honest and get you thinking ahead on how to maximize your opportunities to make these releases count, especially if the media know about them in advance.

Follow these tips and your press releases will have a strong holiday season even if you are taking a well-deserved rest!

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