How to Apply Feedback from Online Customer Surveys

 November 9, 2012

A satisfied customer is an integral component of any successful business. One way to ensure loyalty through satisfaction is with customer feedback. Whether through a suggestion box or an online survey, direct feedback that’s based on a customer’s experience is the best way to gauge what works, what needs tweaking and what should be completely overhauled.

The best way to maximize the volume of information gained through customer feedback is via an online survey. Utilizing the Internet as a medium for feedback offers businesses the opportunity to both reach the most customers and target the specific areas of their business on which they wish to gather information.

Ways to Reach Customers

When running a survey, there are various ways a business may choose to reach their customers. Depending on the purpose of your survey, two popular ways are via email solicitation for customers who’ve previously purchased your products or services and thus provided contact information, or an online invitation via your website. This latter option targets both existing and prospective customers alike and is therefore a better option for many.

Fine Tune the Survey’s Purpose

The most important component of an effective survey is the focus of the questions. General surveys designed to gauge overall customer satisfaction are a great starting point because they serve to highlight which areas of your business are successful and which are not.

However, to truly make improvements

Improvements are what’s apparent to the customer, and lets them know that you listen to the voice of customer, they have been heard and their suggestions applied — businesses must focus on specific departments, products or services. For example, if a general feedback survey reveals customer dissatisfaction with support response times, a follow-up survey should address ways to improve this service.

Targeted questions that are designed to determine what services should be added, such as a multiple choice questionnaire asking customers to rate the values of phone, email or live web support options, will help businesses to clarify what their customers desire.

Applying Feedback

The final and most crucial step in the process of customer surveys is the interpretation and subsequent application of the feedback. In the customer support example, expanding your business’ support services to reflect customer feedback proves to customers that their opinions are valued. In addition, improving your services according to their wishes will ensure a better experience for each customer, and a better experience fosters not just customer satisfaction but also customer loyalty.

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