How your Press Releases can Fly with Twitter!

 November 22, 2011
Social Media Press Release research

Tale of the Tape


An interesting survey came out earlier this month. Our friends over at PR Newswire and Crowd Factory revealed that 48% of Press Release sharing takes place on Facebook and a further 37% occurs on Twitter. LinkedIn took an additional 15%. 

If you are still on the fence about optimizing Social Media for your press releases then this should knock you off it. Additionally, Twitter users saw their press releases viewed 30% more.

So while we’re taking this information in – how do you go ahead and optimize your releases for the 140 character audience?

The headline becomes even more critical due to the limitations of space. Specifically, they should be 120 characters or less which leaves enough space for readers to retweet them with their followers. Every retweet requires more characters so the more you can leave the better.

Numbers and stats are also a driver to releases, especially if the press release contains these within the body – the headline can say something like “X% of group Y believe Z” – with a link to the research. Short, sharp and attention grabbing.

Bullet points should be given extra attention within releases now as users may want to tweet these in their entirety too – watch the character count!  In fact, an entire press release can be tweeted if each paragraph also falls under the magic 140 mark. This counts for quotes and statements within a release too.  An beneficial side-effect of writing for Twitter is that it will make your prose punchier and sharper.

Also remember to make use of the hashtag – #. If your release is about tyres, then #tyres or #performancetyres or #companyname will attract the audience who need to read your press releases, the SEO factor here is also critical.

The final idea is to make sure that you include multimedia such as video, audio or graphics to a press release. As the research shows, the more supplemental material you can supply, the more chance the release and the material will be pushed out beyond the initial audience.  Because of its instant, sharp, to-the-point nature, Twitter feels more like a newswire so by keeping it foremost in mind when constructing your press releases, you will give your work every chance to be seen by the widest possible audience!

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