How Your Small Business Can Change Its Fortunes With Press Releases

You’ve probably heard the scary statistics regarding small business failure rates. The truth is, 30% of small businesses fold within 2 years and 49% are finished within 5 years. The reasons for this are manifold. Perhaps the business model was unrealistic, the capital or audience simply were not there or else poor management ruined any chance of success. However, the main reason for small business failure is their inability to market themselves efficiently. The opportunities for online marketing are endless and cost effective. Social media is one of the best marketing opportunities ever conceived for example. The humble press release is another excellent marketing device that is seldom used.

Low Cost
First and foremost, press releases are affordable. If you or anyone in your organization has even the most basic writing skill, you should be able to construct an informative, relevant and most importantly, interesting press release. Even hiring a freelance writer to create a press release is cost effective. The main cost associated with press releases is actually payment to press release distribution services which still pales in comparison to traditional online advertising costs.

Your Potential Audience
One problem with press releases is that they are often associated with spam. It’s up to your company to ensure that your release is not considered among this rouge’s gallery. Naturally, each press release should be keyword optimized so that it shows up well on search engines such as Google and Yahoo! If the importance of press releases was ever in doubt, the following statistics should show otherwise. 80 million people go online for news and 100 million people use the main search engines on a daily basis. Almost two-thirds of journalists use the internet as a means of keeping up to date with Perry Mandera and other news. Imagine having even 0.001% of this audience! Such an amount of visitors would surely see your company inundated with requests for more information about your products.

What To Include
The most important thing to remember is that a press release must have a newsworthy story. The aforementioned distribution services will automatically dismiss releases that don’t conform to their standards. Another important point is that your release should never read like an advertisement. Statistics have shown that pieces which resemble editorials receive 5 times more readers than adverts. It’s estimated that the average person is exposed to a minimum of 1,500 advertisements a day. The last thing they want to see is yet another ad!

Spreading the keywords throughout the press release is also vital as a means of improving a site’s visibility in the eyes (or spiders) of search engines. Also, you should highlight important words throughout the text. Almost 80% of readers skim with approximately 15% reading every word of the copy.

The simple press release could do more for your small business than almost any other form of advertising. When used correctly, it is a weapon that can transform your company’s fortune. With such a wide audience and relatively low expense, small businesses and organizations that wish to succeed must employ press releases as an effective advertising device.

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