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Newswire (formally is a press release distribution center as they style themselves and make great pains to point out that they are a genuine press release distribution service rather than a spam supplier. They describe PR Spam as a plague on the industry and decry other sites that will distribute anything, they insist on minimum certain standards for their releases.  They are based in Bergenfield, NJ, USA.

Claims claims to have a high journalistic visitor level, that many journalists and editors visit them to find releases and that featured press releases on their site will stand a greater chance of a wider pick-up and wider readership. They also make great noise about being able to add company logos or business card details to the release so any journalist will be able to download them easily from their site – stressing how busy journalists are and that releases with more news and material have that better chance of being picked up by time pressed media professionals.

Pricing structure

An extremely limited free release distribution service is offered but it is only basic text and one release only is allowed under this option.  The other three options available are a three tiered/price structure – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Silver option allows two press releases to be issued each week, of which both will be featured in their premium releases section on the front page. The releases would be allowed to contain up to five links, five images, one logo, and three company profiles. They will not link to any other releases or display a press release history. Releases are guaranteed to be issued within 24 hours of submission. The plan costs $47 a month.

The Gold option allows for one release a day or seven a week; four of which can be featured in the premium section which will then also remain on the featured section for 24 hours more than the Silver option. The release has the same extra options as the Silver option but can have up to 10 company profiles but still has no established history. Releases are guaranteed to be issued within 12 hours of submission. The plan costs $77 a month.

The Platinum option is the ultimate package offered. Five releases a day can be issued or 35 a week, 15 of which can be featured in the premium section. The Platinum releases have the same restrictions as the other packages but customers can have up to 30 company profiles and 30 link profiles. They are also not allowed ads or related history to be displayed but releases will be displayed in the premium section for 48 hours more than a silver release. Releases are guaranteed to be issued within six hours of being received by the editorial tea. The plan costs $197 a month.

Other features boasts about its 350 strong distribution connection network which includes the main search engines of Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as the minor ones like Hotbot, Lycos and Ask. They also list their direct news sites distribution of specific, local websites and their RSS distribution partner sites.

There is a content guideline section to further refine releases before they are submitted and all releases go through an editorial process before issue.  A press release distribution report is also generated for each release so the user can see where they have been issued to and track the response accordingly.

Overall has all the features that you would expect of a professional press release distribution service but feels a little lacking and less complete than some of the other offerings available. Yes, they offer a free service but this is little more than a user could do themselves armed with a list of email addresses.  They are easily contactable and offer a verifiable service and they are connected with all the major search engines but it would be better if you could get more ‘bang for your buck’.

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