Local Marketing: Five Reasons Local Marketing Is A Beneficial Endeavor

 December 12, 2013

The world is getting smaller and smaller as the internet and electronic communications have broadened the communication power of businesses and individuals everywhere. But local marketing still has its charm, and for good reason. No matter how effortless national and global communication is, you should not abandon your local marketing efforts. Below are five reasons you should consider local marketing for your business.


Local Means Community


People like to support businesses in their community, so when you market to your community and mention you’re local, it automatically makes your prospects feel close to you, as though you are familiar. The psychology of community comes into play here, so use it to your advantage when marketing to your local area.


Local is Convenient


Nobody likes to drive a hundred miles just to go to a doctor, or pick up a new sweater. That’s why local marketing is so effective for small businesses; it allows you to play up the convenience factor. If you can tell your prospects that you’re just down the street from them, they’ll be more likely to utilize your services or buy your products.


Word of Mouth


Neighborhoods are communities. Communities are built on communication. It’s no secret that people talk to their neighbors, so if you provide a good service or product to someone, they will likely tell their friends. Word of mouth is the fastest way to obtain new business, particularly if you’re a novel new business in town.


Online Local Searches Are Popular


Your prospects are likely looking online to find service providers in their area, so listing yourself in online databases is extremely beneficial. Sites like DentalMarketing.net help you stay connected to your local community. This can also help attract those who like what you have to offer and who don’t mind traveling a bit further. Use online marketing and social networks to your advantage. Local hashtags can also prove beneficial through social media channels.


Better Vantage Point


You likely live in or near the community in which your office or store is located, so you have a much better vantage point to gain information on what is important to those living near you. While you can technically market to anyone, if you hear people complaining at the grocery store that their dentist doesn’t offer a certain product, and you’re a dentist, you can carry that product. Knowing what your community wants is key to marketing effectively.


No matter how broadly you market your business, always start local. The community in which you work is your bread and butter, and they will likely act as your advertising agents, as well. Listen carefully to the needs of your community and try to provide local solutions.

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