Mass Media Distribution

Distribution Network: More than 800,000 media contacts worldwide
Lowest Cost: $199
Pagerank: 4 (MMD) is a media release distribution service and Press Release Editing Service. They are based in Atlanta, GA and claim great previous success in reaching over 800,000 individual contacts in over 190 countries. They also offer a variety of additional services.


MMD has a 20-point “why us?” list which underlines their success and commitment to results. They boast about their contact list size and locations, varied distribution methods, experience, reputation, and latest technological innovations such as embedded video links and individually mailed emails as opposed to mass mailings.


As MMD is primarily a distribution rather than writing service, they offer three basic levels of service. A Local area distribution which encompasses one city, state or metro area. This builds up to a Nationwide distribution service which can specify one country (including the USA) and finally a Worldwide distribution service which takes in as many or as few print, broadcast or online media outlets and recipients as required.

Once an order is placed, the customer uploads their release into a ready-made template which will then be distributed according to whichever distribution package the customer has purchased.

The press release writing service is only available with one of the distribution packages and includes writing an original release, revision and editing and a guarantee of a second, free distribution if the customer is unhappy with the results of the first dispatch. The process for this is similar to the distribution only service but a revision opportunity is included before final release.

Pricing Structure

MMD displays its pricing structure visibly on their website. The basic Local Area Distribution package comes to $199; the Nationwide Distribution package is priced at $299 and the Worldwide, limitless Distribution package is available at $399. The Premium Press Release Writing and Distribution Services are available at $899 but include the free second release option.

Other Features

MMD offer a comprehensive if unfocused list of hints and tips on writing a successful Press Release; a full list of their distribution list categories, searchable media distribution lists and a full list of all geographic countries and areas covered by the MMD database.

There is a news desk section offering the latest releases issued by MMD and a handy site-map and Skype-enabled telephone number from the front page to assist you at any stage of your search.

Overall Mass Media Distribution Review

MMD is a clean, easy-to-navigate and use website with less clutter and text than other sites. They also appear to be more focused on their distribution system, which they are most proud of and the impression one gets is that they would rather do one thing well, cemented by the unique free redistribution offer, than a lot of things averagely.

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4 Reviews of Mass Media Distribution

  1. Jayace

    Just used this company and was a total disappointment. Not only was the release poorly done, the release writing seems to be outsourced.

    The claim that they will re-write your release, be warned. All they do is to change the headline and description of the press release and keep you on the waiting list.

    Wasted my money totally!

  2. Chandrasekhar

    I used the services of MMD and I wasted all my money without any advantage that they say in their website. These guys are a big scam. Run away from them.

  3. Steven S.

    AWFUL. They claimed to have sent my release to 13,000 media outlets. Not ONE contacted me.

    As a professional publicist, I’ve done similar campaigns on a much smaller level, where only 10 to 20 media outlets have been contacted. And each time I’ve received a response from at least 20% of those individuals.

    With the amount of outlets they allegedly “contacted,” even a 0.001% reply rate would have translated to several e-mails in my inbox.

    Am I suggesting Mass Media Distribution didn’t actually contact everyone on the list you provided? Not necessarily. But clearly the vast majority of outlets have blocked — or completely distrust — this service.

    Worth noting that I used them a few years back and had this exact same scenario happen. At the time I assumed it was a fluke, but clearly I was wrong.

    Here’s an excerpt from the rote response they gave when I asked for a refund:

    “Getting publicity is not easy. When you are asking for something worth millions of dollars and you expect it for free, it takes some persistence and hard work.We did not offer you any guarantee of any kind. There will be no refund.”


  4. Beatriz

    This site is AWFUL and is a waste of money. Our company spent about $600 dollars for their services and no one contacted us and we have seen no traffic. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY ITS JUST A SCAM!

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