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MyPRGenie is a combination of social media and online marketing all rolled up into a single platform.  As with all of these types of platforms, there are a variety of different packages that you can purchase.  If you had to identify a single purpose to MyPRGenie, it would probably have to be online marketing through press releases, although it definitely does a lot more.  Recently, they released two additional services known as Facebook Genie and Twitter Genie.  To give you a better idea about what this service has to offer, here is a closer look at the packages available as well some potential benefits that their service offers.

MyPRGenie Review – Packages

Basic + SEO – Free
This is their introductory package and for being free, it offers quite a lot.  You can create one newsroom, which is essentially a robust profile.  Through this, you can release an unlimited number of press releases and blog posts.  There are also built-in viral sharing tools.  Every press release will be distributed to 100+ websites and blogs as well as distribution through various RSS feeds.

Subscription Options

If you want to pay for a monthly subscription, then you have 2 options.  The Pro option is $39.99 per month and the Premium option is $300 per month.  Both of these options provide access to the Tweet Genie and Facebook Genie tools.  The two are similar in a lot of ways.  They both allow for multiple newsrooms and unlimited distribution.  The big difference is that with the Premium option the media data includes circulation, phone numbers, and subject matter.  Additionally, you get access to a global database of media contacts (more than 540,000) including print, radio, TV, and online sources.  The other big addition is an analytics and tracking tool.

Additional Tools

There are also two separate tools that carry a yearly price.  The first is ProfNet, which is $1000 per year.  This tools gives you detailed access to upcoming stories and reporter profiles that can be used to find story opportunities which allows you to pitch reporters your story.  The second is EdCals, which is $899 per year.  This tool allows you to search thousands of story opportunities, outlets, and reporters.  There are also 3 pay as you distribution packages ranging from $150 to $300 per release.

Potential Benefits of MyPRGenie

MyPRGenie offers a unique twist on press release distribution because they add a social sharing aspect that will not only boost your back links, but also improve the chances of your story going viral. The entire process is fairly simple.  You start out by creating your profile, which is where you will showcase your press releases, blog posts, images, and videos.  You can also grow your network by connecting with others in your industry.  Some people compare this aspect to LinkedIn, however it is really more of a complimentary feature rather than the focus.  Finally, you just need to upload your content.  You can even upload White papers

Overall MyPRGenie Review

MyPRGenie seems to be a great solution for online marketing if you utilize content creation and sharing techniques.  Unlike many press release distribution sites, you can promote a lot of different types of content.  Plus, with the sense of community that is built around the system, you can create legitimate contacts on your own, rather than have the distribution service playing the middle man and keeping you separate from the publishers.

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