New Business? 5 Marketing Tactics To Get Your Name Out There

Online Surveys

Social Media


This step is crucial and there is no way around it. There is no doubt that this should be the first on your list of marketing strategies. You need a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account. And those are just to get started. Regardless of what service or product you are selling, you will reach far more people if you have a presence on social media sites. You should immediately hold a contest or giveaway in order increase the number of people who follow your business.



Logos are very important to new businesses. There are many reasonably priced logo services available online. Having a professional logo will only make your business more credible. And once you have that logo, it should be everywhere. Put your logo on bags, business cards, flyers, and signs; then pass those out to everyone you come in contact with. The more consumers see your logo, the more they will think of your company.

Go To The Experts


Consult the marketing experts. There are many services, online or local, who can spearhead your marketing efforts. For example, a local veterinary office may want to enlist the help of veterinary marketing specialists because they have experience in their specific field. advertising service would be a great place for them to consult if dentists were looking for marketing as well. There are plenty of marketing services who specialize in a particular type of business.

Throw a Party


Throw yourself a grand opening party. People will often come if there is free food and/or entertainment. This is a great way to introduce your business to the community.

Email Campaign


Creating an email list with good quality names is invaluable to a new business. You can reach more people than you can imagine through weekly emails. Start a weekly blog and share your expert advice for free with those on your email list.

By focusing on these basic marketing tactics, your business name will begin to spread from person to person. Combine these strategies with great customer service and you cannot go wrong.

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