Lowest Cost: $34.99
Distribution Network: More than 170,000 media contacts
Pagerank: 5

Subscribers can submit an unlimited number of press releases for one low price. The average user pays less than $1 per release due to the OfficialWire price structure.

OfficialWire distributes your press release to millions of consumers and top media contacts. By sending your press release with OfficialWire you will:

  • Reach more than 170,000 media contacts
  • Reach more than 230,000 bloggers
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Optimize your ranking in search engines
  • Placement of your press release on top websites like Yahoo!, AltaVista, AOL, Google News, Google Finance, Twitter and Topix and thousands of others through our partnership with Moreover
  • Have all of your press releases published and remain live during your paid subscription period
  • Post your release to thousands of media contacts
  • Track your press releases in real-time (newswires and blogs) with custom software developed by OfficialWire

OfficialWire Review

Official Wire was formed in 2001 and according to their mission statement they are dedicate to the perpetuation of an absolutely free press as one of the cornerstones of liberty and informed decision-making in a democratizing world.


Official Wire’s first difference is that they offer a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plan in addition to a per-release plan. This allows them project customer costs on this basis. Their network includes more than 225,000 journalists, 285,000 bloggers, media websites and the main social networks.

They offer broad, real-time delivery of Official company news and press releases to leading newsrooms, disclosure points, websites and online databases. Individual journalists, analysts and consumers. “OfficialWire is the only Premium news & wire service offering distribution of corporate news at flat-rate monthly pricing, with unlimited access.”


Releases are accepted by Official Wire through their online email acceptance form. The text and links are cut and paste or typed onto the form then sent to them instantly with a click button. No attachments are allowed to be sent with this email but they can be linked the document in the text. A link to the company website and a brief biographical statement are also required.

All articles received by Official Wire will be published within 24 hours of receipt and all will be reviewed by a member of their editorial staff.

Official Wire’s front page is organized similar to an online newspaper with topic categories, geographical locations for content. This supports their ethos as being a site of strong and free comment as well as a release distribution system. They offer complimentary RSS feeds for each topic or section for journalists to subscribe to.

Pricing Structure

Official Wire’s unique pricing proposition allows users to sign up for a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription which allows them to send multiple press releases under this pricing structure. This would be very useful for a client with the need to send multiple releases often.

Due to currency fluctuations, Official Wire lists its prices in British Pounds (£ GBP) so dollar approximations are as of 12/5/10. Check an online currency converter for more up-to-date figures.

They offer a one-off release distribution service for £19.99 ($31.52). The service for all price levels include SEO optimization of the release, prominent placement on the Official Wire website for the duration of the subscription period; a total of six images or logo inclusion per release; a unique Contact Tool system to filter press contacts and an anti-spam filter on their releases to guarantee a cleaner hit rate for subscribers and journalists.

Their monthly subscription service is priced at £34.99 a month ($55.17). Their Quarterly subscription service is priced at £94.99 ($149.79) and includes a 10% discount and the yearly subscription service is priced at £356.99 ($562.97) and includes a 15% discount.

Other Features

Official Wire offers a search facility for existing Press Releases and a prominence service for releases based on their pricing package system.

Overall Officialwire Review

Official Wire looks like no other Press Release distribution service which is both a strength and a weakness. By looking and acting like a newspaper, having op-ed columns, some political in nature, might be negatively perceived by some journalists and audiences so you might not get the level of coverage that is available with other websites.

Their unique pricing structure does offer advantages, especially for users who wish to distribute a higher volume of release and existing releases are easily accessible on the Official Wire website for as long as a subscription is maintained.

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7 Reviews of OfficialWire

  1. J. Price

    A LOT of the press release services you see out there are not REAL press release services. That is, they only post your release online or to feeds or to “consumer subscribers”. I went with OfficialWire because they actually send your release to members of the press who are interested in receiving news from your industry and are looking for news ideas. Also, the cost of Official wire is not prohibitively expensive for my small business to justify. I’ve used them a couple of times now and like the results, so I plan to keep using them.

  2. B. Lerch

    First off, the price shown above (34.99) is in UK pounds…it’s actually about $60 per month. I’ve used this service about a year…the upload is a bit confusing, and the owner is rude if one asks questions. Initially, I put up with it due to price, but I’m now reconsidering, as I’ve not seen good pickup from the distribution. The “tracking system” they tout has been in Beta for over a year, and the search engine options they offer usually turn up 0 results. Not professional.

  3. Beth

    I’ve been using OfficialWire for about a year now, and the tracking service it touts does not seem to work. I don’t see a lot of pickup of the releases either.

  4. Web Goorrilla

    Thanks for the Reviews folks..I won’t use them either!

  5. Tom

    I tried yesterday to issue a release through officialwire. A disappointing experience I am sorry to say. After paying my 20 british pounds and receiving a login and password, there is no way to actually upload one’s release. Everytime you click on the ‘submit release’ link it asks for another 20 pounds.

    Sent them a message to this effect have not heard back.

  6. James

    One thing that it doesn’t mention in the review above is that once you have released a press release under one of their subscriptions you then have to continue your subscriptions ad infinitum if you want them to be public. Finish your subscriptions and your content will be hidden unless you pay again.

    I am also very unhappy as I am currently paying twice for the same subscription. I took out the quarterly subscription (to unhide my press releases!) and was advised by Greg to cancel the subscription as I could get a better deal by using a discount code for the ongoing monthly subscription. What he didn’t say was that Official Wire doesn’t do discounts, even when it is they themselves who advised you to cancel, so for the next three months I will be double paying.

  7. Jenny

    ups and downs the the service, owner or customer service rep is EXTREMELY rude all faults are with you (control panel is very buggy), I did however receive a good amount of hits from the 5 releases that I submitted but another con is that if you cancel the service all of your releases are hidden! so in essence your paying for the same releases month after month where as if you use something like PRweb per release is higher but it stays up and its a one time fee.

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