Press Release Services

The digital age has done wonders for the public relations industry.  Before the advent of the Internet, in order to send out a press release one had to track down the fax number or physical mailing address of every news desk and individually mail and transmit the message.  Today, there are press release services to take care of that.

In the past, it was very difficult for small business owners and individuals without top public relations contacts to broadcast their message to a wide audience.  Press release services came about to meet the need of those individuals by leveling the playing field.

Why use a distribution service?
Press release services enable you to bypass the time-consuming task of sending out press releases by distributing your press release via their automated system.  Press release distribution services have wide distribution channels that include media sources such Google News, The New York Times, USA Today, Yahoo! and many more.  The Internet allows for nearly instant distribution to far more media outlets than any single person could ever contact on their own.

Journalists, investors and the general public rely heavily on reputable newswires for their information.  Using a press release service is a guaranteed way to ensure your message is communicated to the widest audience possible.  News desks and every day citizens use the Internet to source their news information.  It has become increasingly important for businesses to improve the online visibility of their press releases.  Using a distribution service enables your press release to be optimized for all the top search engines.

Highlight your words
Everyone wants their press release to stand out from the crowd.  Many press release distribution services provide extras and upgraded services such as bolded text, active hyperlinks, and even the ability to include a company logo or an applicable image.  The simple act of adding a hyperlink to your press release could instantly drive traffic to your company’s webpage.

Target your readers
Some press releases are intended for a very specific audience.  If you want your message to be delivered to the exact people who are seeking certain information, it’s best to target the distribution.  Press release distribution services allow you to indicate the industry or category that best fits your message.  This ensures that journalists at the proper news desks – the journalists who are looking to write a story about your type of business – will be more likely to see it.  Targeting your distribution also ensures that people who type certain words into a search engine will see your press release.

Fee or no fee?
Top press release services come at a cost.  Like most everything, press release distribution services can range in cost from free to thousands of dollars.  Individuals and smaller business might opt for a mid-range one time only/ad-hoc service, while larger companies, looking for wide and frequent distribution may opt to pay a monthly service fee.

You put a lot of hard work into writing and crafting the perfect press release.  Don’t let all that effort go to waste.  Ensure your press releases are seen by as many people as possible.

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