Press Releases: Tips For Success

One of the most effective ways in which an individual can create awareness regarding a specific brand, product or event is through the utilization of a press release. Press releases have been used for years, both in an online and offline format in order to increase awareness and promote, but in order for a press release to be successful in its aim, the writer must be aware of the guidelines associated with successful press release writing.

As press releases are such a widely utilized form of online marketing, it is imperative that the writer is skilled enough to convince the reader that what they have to say is newsworthy, informative and relevant. Press releases can be used for a number of different purposes which will have a different target market in mind. However, no matter who the desired market may be, press releases still have the same focus.

Put simply, a press release is a type of news story that will have a primary focus and will provide the reader with information relating to a specific subject or niche. The piece will start with a lead which will ultimately determine how useful the release will be to a publication or indeed, the reader. Along with the lead, the manner in which the press release is presented is also vitally important, starting with the title of the piece. Your title should be short, catchy and where possible, clever, but it should never be obscure from the subject of the release. However, depending on whether you are writing a press release for your own use or the use of someone else will determine what your limits are in terms of the tone, etc you can use.

The lead of the press release will typically be a summary of what the press release is about, looking at the main questions associated with journalism: who, what, when, where and how. A successful lead will answer all of these questions in an interesting way- although the release is a form of news; this is not to say that it cannot be interesting or intriguing. Furthermore, clever use of words can be a good way in which to increase the visibility of the piece.

How the remaining information is presented may be determined by the purpose of the press release. Releases utilized for a launch, for example of a product, will require clear, accurate information regarding the product in question. Furthermore, additional information about the company behind the product will be required, along with information regarding the benefits of the product and its unique selling point. As the document is being used to notify the public of a launch, it will require thorough research to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

An often overlooked aspect of press release writing is the format adopted. Press releases typically have a standard format that is used by professional writers although within some organizations, they may follow their own format. In every instance, it is important that the correct margining and line spacing is used. Should you be writing a press release on behalf of another organization, always check their formatting requirements as often, incorrect formatting could lead to your press release going unpublished.

Press releases are not only a form of promotion for the company/organization/event mentioned, but they are also a form of promotion for the writer in question. By ensuring that content is accuracy, concise, informative and interesting, not only will your release be professional, but it will also have an increased chance of fulfilling its aim in being a successful for of promotion.

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