PRWeb vs. PRNewswire

Determining where to send your press release is something that seems much harder than it actually is. When you take the time to search for a high quality, dependable, online press release distribution company; you should get the most from what they provide. While, you may be new to this, it is certainly not something you shouldn’t become acquainted with, especially if you own an online business and want additional exposure through the web. By obtaining these outlets, businesses can spread the news, spread the information that they want and gain the exposure that they need as a small business with the help of the web.

Choosing between either PRWeb or PRNewswire may seem difficult, but each provides their own benefits and downfalls. Depending on the needs that you have as a business, and what you want for your press release, one may be better suited for your needs over another.


PRWeb, though highly recommended, comes with some differences compared to other press release sites. You get more words for your dollar, but you get less links that can be added throughout your copy, meaning less track backs than perhaps you’d like. You also have to add SEO keywords throughout the press release to get the best results when placing it on the website. Without these keywords, the subscribers of the website will not see the press release you’ve distributed.

One of the biggest things that people state is a downfall of PRWeb is that you cannot have press releases immediately released. If you pay an extra $100, you’re able to distribute it as fast as you’d like but generally it does not get sent out until 24 to 48 hours after you’ve submitted it to the team. They have to approve and then they schedule it out. While PRWeb is affordable compared to many other services across the web, you may find that the options they give you for this price are limited to other options.

The bottom line is, if you have a small amount of money, only want to send out a few different press releases and want to gain some traffic with a smaller crowd then PRNews might be ideal for you to use to your advantage. They also have an analytics section that can show you where your press release was sent too, who it touched and how far it reached. This can give you an idea of what you’re paying for and where you’re information is being sent too. 


PRNewswire may be a bit more costly compared to PRWeb which may be one of the biggest downfalls of this choice of press release distribution. However, compared to PRWeb, PRNewswire comes with additional viewers and subscribers. This means when you distribute through them, you’re able to gain a bigger audience. They are a more prestigious, robust press release distribution company that provides services for those that are wishing to gain more attention, more elaborate press releases and have a better outcome, although the service is more expensive.

International distribution is also something that is provided when working with PRNewswire which is hard to find in many of the other press release distribution services throughout the web. When sending a press release out, you have numerous options for adding to it, but you also get the choice to have it sent directly out which is not something you get from PRWeb unless you pay an additional fee to have that extra added onto the package deal. This might be more beneficial for time sensitive press releases that have to be sent out as soon as you email them over to the online press release company.

The performance that PRNewswire provides compared to PRWeb is superb in terms of being able to send the press release around the area, both nationally and regionally. With a little help from their platform, you’re able to get many, many more views compared to PRWeb, though more cost effective. You get what you pay for, and PRNewswire tends to be the most recommended platform for sending and distributing press releases throughout the world. When your business needs to be seen, you can always use these online services to your advantage to gain more exposure, more business and more views.

The choice on which to go with is up to you, but PRNewswire can deliver the performance, the efficiency and the speed that you may require for the press release that you have for your company. 

Comparison Between PRWeb and PRNewswire 

When choosing between the two options, consider how much you have to spend on the distribution, as well as how far you’d like it to go. PRNewswire offers additional add ons that can provide you with all that you require when it comes to gaining more exposure for your small business and the needs that you have with them. By choosing to move forward with the right press release online company, you’re choosing to gain more attention and views from the general public that is interested in the business that you provide. If worst comes to worst, you can use them both and earn additional views from combining services on the web. No matter what service you use, expect to pay a few hundred dollars or more for the press releases that you want to send throughout the web.

 It doesn’t matter which you decide to go with, you can choose to move forward with the ideal press release distribution that appeals the most to you. When it comes to your small business and the needs you have, being seen should come first and foremost. With a little help from these distribution sites, you’re able to get your name and business out on the web much easier than if you were to try and contact numerous people. Consider what needs to be done, what is being offered and how it can offer you and then move forward. Remember, even if something worked for another small business, doesn’t necessarily make it ideal for you to use with yours. Only you can make that decision.

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