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PRWeb News & Press Releases Drive Traffic to your Site

News and press releases distributed via PRWeb raise your online visibility where millions of people are searching for information.

Be found on search engines

When you submit your news releases to PRWeb, they will be indexed by search engines like Google, sent to top news sites like Yahoo! News and placed into RSS feeds with more than 250,000 subscribers which include bloggers, journalists and consumers.

Appear on other premium sites

PRWeb also helps you build backlinks and inbound links from other premium sites, one of the most important assets to build your website’s credibility in search engines. All of this helps drive traffic by empowering more people to find you online and click through to your website.

Countless online businesses in a variety of fields and industries use PRWeb to get the word out about their business. PRWeb has a network of over 100,000 media outlets across the world that they can use to increase your business’ exposure. By using PRWeb your online business will gain much attention for new services or products and is an easy way to advertise your business.

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PRWeb Review is one of the most well known Press Release distribution sites available on the internet. Operated by Vocus LLC, they operate three offices in the USA and one in the UK.


Their basic press release services claims to get you found first and get you found fast.  Their main claims are that their releases are SEO friendly and will be easier to find on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. They also claim to target the main Internet news services such as Google News, Yahoo News and Topix. The release will also be distributed to over 250,000 subscribers, 30,000 websites and 30,000 journalists and bloggers.  They also underline the SEO friendly nature of their releases and how they will be easier to find on search engines.


The releases themselves are entered via a simple template that is provided by the website along with hints on how to make the release more effective. Their SEO friendly package also suggests key words and phrases that could be optimized to make the release more visible online. They also advise that having a unique URL improves SEO response and highly encourage release producers to embed as much extra material like videos, podcasts, pictures, and graphics as possible. Not only to enhance the look and attractiveness of the release but also to be tagged and improve SEO ranking as a result.

Distribution options can be specified either geographically so they can be targeted to local, national or international audiences. The option to issue it to industry-specific media also exists which may be equally if not more important if the release concerns a niche industry.

Their inbuilt social media options are another key part of their proposition. As more interactive bookmark sites such as Digg, Technorati, Stumpleupon and Reddit gain prominence, a release can find an increased audience far more quickly than even 12 months ago. There are also the standard Social Media sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

They have analytics available to provide instant online status and feedback for the release which are becoming standard throughout the industry. The information is as basic as number of times read, number of headline impressions, a more detailed activity report including which users read the entire release, just the headline, and how many times it has been shared socially. Users can find which media outlets have received the release, which search engines are being used to locate the release and which search engines and keywords are being activated to send viewers to a specific website mentioned in any release.

Their distribution network is listed and fully searchable on their website so prospective users can see which options are available for them before committing their business to There is also a listed and searchable categories section to see how the release can be targeted by individual or wider sector.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure is broken down into four individual packages for

Basic involves an $80 fee for each press release issued. Along with standard distribution, five industry sectors and two regional sectors can be selected. The package also includes a $50 credit with Google Adwords.

Basic Plus costs $140 per release. Along with standard distribution, five industry sectors, three regional sectors and one media digest can be selected. The release is given prominence within the site and social media sharing functions are enabled. This package also includes a $50 credit with Google Adwords.

Advanced costs $200 and comes with standard distribution, access to’s Opt-in media database of specific journalists, an SEO wizard to help tighten the release and make it more search engine friendly; ten industry, five regional and one media digest sector can be selected. Social media sharing functions are enabled and the release is given distribution priority by along with higher prominence within the site. This package includes a $75 credit with Google Adwords.

The Premium package is $360 per release and as well as expedited distribution via the Associated Press, users have access to’s Opt-in media database of specific journalists, access to the SEO wizard; ten industry, five regional and two media digest sectors; video embed capability, free editorial consultation from’s staff and the highest prominence within the site. Analytic reports can be downloaded in pdf format and the package includes a $75 credit with Google Adwords.

There are also two standard options available for every release package for $100 per option. An Easy Submit option which lets staff upload and edit the release for maximum effect. A Priority Distribution option is also available which submits the release to a editor to review before it is released within one hour of being received.

Other Features also has many articles online, archived releases and whitepapers available for review, free videos and webinars, an FAQ section, a blog and several tips and resources available to guide and advise on strategy and execution.

Overall PRWeb Review is an impressive and respected name in the online press release distribution industry. Probably the top for name recognition and reputation with a reassuringly large testimonial database and success record to draw on.

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12 Reviews of PRWeb

  1. Jason

    I used the PRWeb SEO visibility package ($200) and am pleased thus far with the results. It’s hard to know the long term SEO benefits just a couple of weeks after submitting, but the early benefits are definitely noticeable. I like that you can check the stats of the release – how many impressions and reads, etc.

  2. Ted Fullerton

    I used them once and must say i got dupped. They do not have any direct channels to the media. In other words as a reporter told me they are not a wire service and just throw your release online, that’s it.

    Quite a waste of money ($200) when I could have done the same myself.

  3. Dmitry

    As an SEO and online marketing professional. I find PRweb to be a professional and valuable service. I have been using their service for a year and the increased search engine rank i get is very noticeable. I consider PRweb to be an integral component to my overall SEO strategy.

  4. Frank Strong

    @Ted – small corerction: PRWeb’s network makes news and press releases available to an audience of more than 80 million unique visitors in the United States alone. In addition to PRWeb’s syndication network, PRWeb news releases are distributed directly to an audience of more than two million visitors each month on, 300,000 direct subscribers, and thousands of media outlets and journalists.

  5. Phonics Teacher

    Ted’s comment threw me for a minute… thanks for the correction Frank. There is definately a learning curve involved with writing press releases. I have been reading and learning quite a bit in the past couple days.

  6. PR GURU

    Ted is one is a million who most likely did not use the system correctly. It’s terrific, and incresed my business to the point I could not expand as fast as the new business was coming in!! LOL

    Buy their subscriptions! For 2-10K per year a small business you can crush your competition and get “picked up” by major news outlets, and industry outlets. They are top in the business!

  7. PR Writer

    I used this service four or five times over the past three years, and chose the $360 package for maximum distribution and visibility. As someone who spent more than a decade writing press releases for a living, I know how to put together a good release, and several years ago, PRWeb did a good job of building traffic for us and getting us coverage. However, the last two times we put out a release, we got little more than “junk hits,” and were disappointed by the results. I know it’s not just the release, because I used the same release and sent it out to individual, targeted journalists on my own, and managed to get national coverage (both TV and newspaper) for my efforts. But the same release, sent earlier on PRWeb, got no real pick up, which was a disappointment. I suspect that press releases as a whole are getting less attention from overworked journalists who already get too much spam in their in boxes, and that this is part of the problem. Still, I found $360 to be too much to pay for the results we got (or didn’t get, as the case may be). I’m still debating about whether to try another service, in hopes of getting better results, or whether PR releases are simply less effective as a whole, in which case I may have to consider other venues instead.

  8. David

    I’ve been happy with PRWeb and have been using them quite a bit over the last year. My main goal with the releases is just to get links for SEO purposes. I often immediately see a spike in the number of visitors to my site, but more important are the long term benefits of having those links out there.
    I use the SEO visibility package. Their free webinars are great for learning more about their services – highly suggest checking those out.

  9. Mandy

    I wish I would have seen these reviews earlier. I spent over 300.00 and got NO results!!!! I went with a smaller company at first and got WAY better results. Buyers beware!!!! You will waste your money!!!!

  10. Rona

    @Mandy – which other company did you go with?

  11. Boise Idaho

    I have used them three times. The first time was great, the second time was poor and the last time was amazing. I think the results depend on the article and how much draw it has as well as what your expectations are. If you are wanting the local TV station to come visit you, you will probably be disappointed but if you are looking for your news to be shared and increase SEO it has worked for me.

  12. Karen

    Has anyone compare PRWeb with others like PRNewWire?

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