Six Tips for Keeping Your Belongings Safe in the Home Garage

 September 13, 2013

The garage stores many items such as lawn equipment, cars, mowers, bicycles and other valuable possessions that are necessary to make life better. If a burglar strikes, the cost to replace these items could throw your budget off track. To keep those precious possessions safe requires taking some precautions.


Six Steps to Keep Your Garage Burglar Free :


1. If there is a side door on the garage, reinforce the key lock with a heavy duty dead bolt. Secure your hinges with three inch screws to deter burglars from removing hinges to open the door.


2. If the garage door or side door has see-thru panes, place opaque material that will let in light but keep burglars from looking in to see what treasures they might be tempted to break in to steal.


3. If you are planning to be gone for an extended period, unplug the garage door opener. If there is a sliding garage door, padlock it to keep it secure while gone.


4. Install motion detector lights around the perimeter of your garage door. Light is the enemy of a seasoned burglar.


5. When working around the yard, do not leave the garage door open. Burglars tend to get bold and may hit while you are working in the back yard.


6. Install an alarm system from a reputable company that will alert you to any possible problems that may arise.


Alarm Systems:

The best way to secure your belongings in your garage in the Clarksville area is by choosing a Clarksville home security system. With a security system you will be assured both when you are at home and away that you are safe from unwanted burglars breaking in to take your precious possessions.


One excellent line of security systems is Vivint in Rapid City, SD. This security system is fully automated to allow the owner to view different locations of the home remotely from a computer or smart-phone. Using motion detectors, remote monitoring, and a two-way communication system with voice control, this safety system with the latest technology can also alert you to severe weather.


Your home is your castle. You have carefully furnished your home with what you need and want to make it a more comfortable place. A Clarksville home security system expert says, “ having a good dependable security system will give you the peace of mind of knowing your belongings are safe.”

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