The Departed – Words we should all say goodbye to in 2012

 January 11, 2012

Every New Year should begin with a period of reflection, renewal and reinvigoration and your press releases should be no different. For over 35 years, Lake Superior State University in Michigan has produced The List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness which attracts interest and submissions from all over the world from annoyed and infuriated writers and readers.

The word that was chosen as the most annoying this year was was Amazing. This was unusual as it was the first time it had made the list. The top list of words and phrases also includes (in order of submissions received):-

  • Amazing
  • Baby Bump
  • Shared Sacrifice
  • Occupy
  • Blowback
  • Man Cave
  • The New Normal
  • Pet Parents
  • Win The Future
  • Trickeration
  • Ginormous
  • Thank You in Advance

Some are more obvious than others and are quite unexpected – Baby Bump and Pet Parents for instance are quite niche in their use but Man Cave and New Normal are fairly widespread and equally unwelcome. Thank You in Advance has always been quite a presumptious phrase so its good to see it being taken down a peg or three.

How does this compare to the 2011 selection?

  • Viral
  • Epic
  • Fail
  • Wow Factor
  • Aha Moment
  • Back Story
  • BFF (Best Friends Forever)
  • Man Up
  • Refudiate
  • Mama Grizzlies
  • The American People
  • I’m Just Sayin’
  • Facebook/Google – used as Verbs
  • Live Life to the Fullest


Every writer has to walk a tightrope between using engaging, action words and not relying on cliches or crutches. The phrase New Years Resolutions could almost make this list by itself but if you are going to make one then keeping this list handy and not using any of the guilty parties could be a strong start.  Remember to add it to your list along with joining the gym, drinking less coffee and not using TXT SPK outside of a Smartphone!

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