The Most Effective Press Release Companies

Press releases have become an important marketing component for today’s businesses. This certainly explains why there are a significant number of companies that offer press release distribution services with more joining the fray. At its core, press release distribution simply involves publishing a written press release, posting it on the website, and distributing it to other websites that will use it for content. There are also some companies that submit your press release to media outlets. In this article, we’ll look into some of the press release companies that offer the most effective services:

PR Newswire – considered as the grandfather of press releases, the company distributes your media content to reporters the old fashioned way. The company can distribute to a large number of journalists so your press release won’t only appear online, it may also be published via the Associated Press Newswire. One area where PR Newswire falls short on is search engine optimization simply because they don’t gear there services for this purpose. Despite this, you can still get optimization benefits because of the release itself may generate links from other website. The company charges a minimum of $180 for distribution services.

PRWeb – this company is at the forefront of news release optimization. In fact, PRWeb is still considered as the firm that does it best. In the past, PRWeb used to offer free option for firms that want to try out their services. However, the free option is removed when PRWeb is taken over. They now have three pricing levels: $80, $120, and $200. All three offers news feed distribution. The company also offered the “Media Visibility” package which includes media distribution to journalists; this service costs $360.

PRLeap – essentially, the offers of this company is similar to PRWeb. However, while their prices are significantly cheaper, their link building effectiveness isn’t at par with their competitor. It wouldn’t hurt to try out their services. Using PRLeap do result to a reasonable number of back links and improves search engine optimization.

PRLog – although PRLog is a relative new entrant to the industry, the firm has taken it by storm. Google seems to love PRLog because the content posted on the site is indexed high by the search engine. If those reasons aren’t enough, the service of this company is also available for free. Take note though that advertisement will be included in the press release if you do take advantage of the service.

24-7 Press Release – their service costs upwards of $45 but a free option is available (ads will be included. Results with this company have generally been good with submitted content getting published on Google News and other news sites. The company claims to distribute your release to 80,000 independent journalists as well.

So there you have it. The most effective press release companies today offer incredible value for your money considering the benefits they yield. If you haven’t tried using press releases as a means to market your brand, products, or services, then it’s time for you to do so.

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