The Tech Industry: Top 5 Business Technology Jobs New Grads Should Seek Now

 November 8, 2013

If Benjamin Braddock from The Graduate were given a one-word bit of advice like the “Plastics” suggestion he got in that movie, it would be this: Computers. Software coders, systems administrators, hardware engineers, and managers of every stripe are needed like never before by the tech industry. This means that recent graduates (like Braddock) who have studied information technology, programming or computer science might be able to walk right into one of the top five business technology jobs out there, which are listed below.

1. Management Information Systems (MIS) Administrators


While some might ask what is management information systems administration about?, the concept is one that most tech students would be familiar with by the time they get their degree. MIS is simply a computer system that efficiently oversees the interaction of business hardware, software, data, procedures and people. Every business with a computer system needs an MIS person, and there are more businesses starting up every day. Median salary: $70,970.

2. Database Administrators


For tech grads who are more information-oriented rather than geared for programming, database administration may be one of the best jobs in business. Organizing, storing and managing data is all in a day’s work for these efficiency junkies. Median salary: $75,190.

3. Computer Programmer


The bread and butter of the business technology world, computer programmers are in demand because of their ability to identify problems and solve them using their training and skills. Many students entering college with an eye toward being involved in technology learn programming, no matter what job they may end up wanting within the business world. This background can pay off with a programming job grads can work at, a foot in the door to more remunerative positions in a company. Median salary: $72,630.

4. IT Manager


A company’s IT manager is one of the most in-demand tech jobs in business. The IT manager is the first person everyone in a company calls when the email goes down or the Internet server is offline. The IT manager is absolutely essential, and that’s great news for recent tech grads. Median salary: $118,010.

5. Web Developer


Almost 20 years into the widespread use of the Internet, and the demand for Web developers has never ceased. Knowing HTML and Dreamweaver makes a tech grad very attractive to HR departments. Median salary: $77,990.

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