Three Awesome Direct Marketing Ideas You Could Emulate

 November 25, 2013

Reach customers directly with the use of direct marketing. Many businesspeople do not have stores where they greet customers face to face. Instead, they mail various materials like flyers, letters and catalogs. There are always ways that you can improve the results of this campaign. The following three ideas will improve your direct marketing endeavors.


1. Use Split Pricing


Direct marketing is needed to carry out tests and not just promote products. Split pricing is a common method. Give two separate prices to the same product and mail it to two different customers. See if they are willing to buy the same product at higher or lower prices. Another idea is to make different variations of the same item.


2. Make Referrals to a Website


Attach a link of your blog or website to the promotional item. Encourage people to visit your website for more information. There are always people who want to investigate, so give them some place to do research. Describe the features of existing products and list ones that are currently being developed.


If you lack the funds to run a website, make referrals to other websites. Include a link to a site that contains a large collection of positive customer reviews about your company. Regardless of the link you include, encourage people to take some kind of action.


3. Make Your Mailings Creative


Design your mailings to look as attractive as possible. People are drawn to vibrant colors, boldfaced words and catchy phrases. To increase people’s curiosity, include cards and letters within envelopes. It gives the impression that the message is highly important. Enhance words with large-sized fonts and highlighted phrases. All of these elements are easy to make with the help of a quality Salt Lake printing company.


There is more to the direct mail method than good copywriting. You should apply creative designs to the packaging. This is particularly important if you want to re-contact households that have not responded to you. Send the same message in another package that has different colors and designs. If you’re a phone company, make sleek looking cut outs of phones that will catch customers’ attention and make your brand memorable.



For centuries, the mail-in method has worked for companies that mail responsibly. However, you should follow a few tips that bring you better results. Do not flood the same households with unwanted materials. Include plenty of discounts and coupons along with product samples. People like to receive freebies and test products before they buy. Also, target your audience to avoid wasting mail. There are many ideas that will improve your direct marketing results.

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