Top 8 Reasons to Issue a Press Release

A press release is a written communication directed to members of the news media to announce something that has news value.  They can be of great benefit to businesses, yet many small business owners are unfamiliar with the process.  Issuing a press release is a very affordable way to get your business in the news – provided you have something news worthy to share.  Here are the top eight best times to issue a press release.

1. Introductions
A press release is a great way to introduce something new – whether it’s a brand new business or introducing a new product or service.  If you have an existing business but have just created a website or released new publications a press release can get the word out.  If you think your business has a unique approach to something – that could be newsworthy as well.

2. Updates
If something is changing in your business or company, a press release is great way to convey that news.  Examples are change of ownership or management, a new joint venture, or relocation or expansion of your physical business.  Changes in pricing, particularly reductions often catch the attention of the public.

3. Marketing Efforts
One way to enhance your marketing efforts is to get them in the news via a press release.  Special events, such as a workshops, speakers, or tradeshows are great events to be highlighted in a press release.  Online chat rooms, webinars, and contest are increasing in popularity and the public is often interested in such events.  If your company is sponsoring or involved in a charity event – that’s definitely something worth issuing a press release.

4. Staff News
Often overlooked, any staff news can make an excellent press release as well.  Examples could be changes that affect your entire company – for example, a new training program for employee.  Announcing staff promotions or recognizing long-term employees or retirees are another example of information that could be in a press release.

5. Customer News
Depending on your business, obtaining a new customer or obtaining a new contract can be very newsworthy.  Another great piece of customer news could be success stories or testimonials that you receive.

6. Community Activities
The public is always interested in what’s going on with the community, so if your business has any involvement with the community that’s a great way to get some publicity.  Whether it’s participating in an event, sponsoring a local program, or volunteering time – it’s all great information to be shared.  Other ways to interact with community are offering internships with local schools or organizing a tour of your business for local residents.

7. Inspired By News & Current Events
If there’s something hot in the local news, your company could issue a statement regarding an issue or controversy.  If there’s something big in the national news, adapt it to local issues and release that information

8. Accomplishments
News of an accomplishment is probably the most popular type of press release.  If your company wins an award, reaches a major milestone, or overcomes a challenge – that’s positive information worth sharing. You can even issue a press release regarding an accomplishment of one of your employees – for example if an employee serves as leader in a charitable organization.

Remember, journalists aren’t looking to promote your business; they just want something that will be interesting to their readers.  Take some time to do a little research on press releases and you’ll learn how to effectively create free publicity in the form of press releases.

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