Top Five Sites to Submit Your Press Release To

Press releases are a great tool to use in order to bring yourself, your business, and your website some much needed attention. While a well written press release is a great start, it really isn’t anything until it is read by the masses and the only way to ensure that happening is to submit your press release to various websites for distribution.

There are many press release distribution services that can be found all over the web, some that are free and some that are pay. You can achieve quite a bit if you use the best ones in the game.

While many have their own opinions as to which services are the best, there are five in particular that seem to always land on everyone’s top five or ten list. These five top press releases distributions services are the best place for anyone to submit their press releases to and include:

1. When it comes to getting eyeballs on a press release, is the best. They are a pay service and their fee depends on the distribution service you choose, but you can get a lot for the money and choose the package that is right for your budget, including and SEO package that allows you to use multiple links in the body of your press release.
2. has over 250,000 subscribers that your press release can be sent to. This is in additional to being sent to major search engines and news outlets ensuring you a great deal of views. Their fees also vary and start out around $80.00.
3. can help you reach viewers in two different ways. They have a free program that allows anyone to take advantage of some of their limited services and they also have affordable pay plans which offer you even more. This type of flexibility allows you to have your press release distributed no matter what your budget may be.
4. While this service caters only to those who have press release that involves environmental issues, it is free to use and the exposure is great. Even if your press release was not meant to be environmental, you can look at all the different categories that they allow submissions for and you might just find a category that fits.
5. is a press release distribution service that actually allows you to put links in the body of the press release. While there are other servcies that also allow this, is a free service. Talk about bang for your buck. They recently added a pay service option as well that offers even more features for a reasonable amount of money. However, even the free service is feature packed and should definitely be used for those on a tight budget.

Any of these five press release distribution services are a great way in which you can spread the word about your products or your cause. Depending on your budget, you can use a couple of them or all of them and really maximize your exposure.

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