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Webwire is a web-based press release distribution service. They were established in May 1995 so are one of the oldest providers of web-based press releases in fact they claim to be the ‘original internet press release resource’ – predating their competitors.  They distribute business, organizational and personal news releases and press releases online directly to RSS readers and search engines. The service is run by the Warmtone Corporation.


As well as being one of the original, if not the original online press release provider, Webwire.com also spells out that their service will appeal to both search engines and SEO crawlers. They have a unique, as far as nobody else appears to be doing it, partnership with PRnewswire.com, the most prominent release provider which will be explored later.  They differentiate their services between directly targeted media including individuals and trade and media-only wire services accessed by print and online publications – such as PR Newswire.

Pricing structure

Webwire.com offers two distinct services with two pricing structures to support the different levels of service available to the customer.

The first strand is titled News Release Distribution and has WebPost and WebRelease options.  The WebPost option sends out a release directly online via Webwire.com which hosts the release. This makes it discoverable by search engines or by a direct link. Subscribers are also alerted to the release. This option costs $19.95 per release submitted.

The WebRelease section includes the WebPost option but will also see the release fully SEO Optimized and it will be given greater prominence on the Webwire.com site. The price per release for this service is $59 per release submitted.

The other strand is titled Press Release Distribution to acknowledge the additional targeting of specific industries, individuals and websites by Webwire.com. The service is actually done through PR Newswire.com where Webwire.com has obtained a discount for the users to take advantage of the premium targeted service. The cost per targeted release with this option is $95 per release submitted.

The final option is a wire service distribution again supplied by PR Newswire.com. The first tier within this option supplies guaranteed quick release, editorial assistance if necessary and use of the PR Newswire database to target receivers.  The second tier available offers a 15% discount of PR newswire services, editorial assistance, quick issue (although not as quick as tier one with a one-day turnaround as opposed to tier 2’s three-days) and PR Newswire targeted distribution.

The beginning price for either of these packages is $180 per release but this could rise depending on extra options taken up.

Other features

Webwire.com’s unique partnership with PR Newswire is certainly an industry first but beyond this they do not offer anything over and above a regular distribution service or hosting service.


Webwire.com left us feeling slightly underwhelmed for a distribution site with such experience and heritage within the industry. A partnership with PR Newswire, the admitted leaders in the field is one thing to boast about but for the prices offered it might be just as well for the customer to go to them directly.

The site itself is quite cluttered despite adopting a minimal style, like they have tried to squeeze in too much into too small a space and the additional options available are, well, apart from the partnership with PR Newswire, there aren’t any additional options available.

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