Your Business Your Way: Five Management Resources for Your Growing Business

Online SurveysToday is an exciting time to be a business owner. Since the advent of the Internet and daily technological advancements, there are now more tools available than ever to help a growing business flourish. While a number of entrepreneurs are hesitant to implement newfangled tools into the daily operations of their business, failure to keep up with the tools used by the competition can spell failure. There are five management resources your growing business shouldn’t go without.

1. Merchant Services Credit Card Processing


Business owners who do not yet use merchant services credit card processing terminals are missing out on sales. Fewer people are using cash and checks these days, and a large number of consumers shop online. Utilizing the ability to take payments from credit and debit cards can significantly boost sales.

2. Time Tracking


While most people think of employee theft as the loss of physical company property, even more money is lost due to employees lying about the time they have actually spent working. For a minimal investment, business owners can purchase automated programs that will keep track of every aspect of an employee’s workday.

3. Use Apps in Accounting


The accounting side of a business can get tricky, and it’s easy to lose track of important information. There are now apps available such as Less Accounting that will store important account information and track your mileage and expenses to make the dreaded tax time a breeze.

4. Encourage the Use of Smart Phones


If you don’t already have one, a smart phone has a lot to offer business owners. They provide a quick and easy platform to check email, manage all of your apps on one platform, and even facilitate customer relationships by keeping in close contact at all times. Best of all, if you encourage other employees to follow suit, you can easily communicate, and this leads to optimal performance.

5. An App That Will Save Time and Money


Basecamp is an exciting new app that makes the life of a business owner a breeze. On it, executives are able to delegate tasks to contractors, keep track of projects, share information, and keep track of employee time cards. With so many capabilities, business owners will wonder what they ever did without it.

Technology is advancing, and it makes sense to go with the flow. While it may be initially intimidating to learn the operation of the new tools available, it makes any business owner one that will be better able to compete.

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