Your Website: Six Tips for Getting Your Business Noticed Online

By implementing all of these strategies, you can drive more targeted and organic traffic to your site from the search engines, increase your company’s online conversion rates, and greatly improve the overall reputation of your business.



One of the SEO techniques that can catapult your website to the top of the rankings is building backlinks on authoritative pages. You should establish incoming links on webpages that are in the same niche as your website, and due to Google’s highly publicized penalization of paid links, a marketer should place links within the content to make them appear to be as natural as possible. For each backlink that you insert, use a targeted keyword phrase as the anchor text of the link.

Social Media Optimization


Most website owners simply create many profiles on countless social networks and wait for clients to stumble upon them; however, this strategy is usually ineffective. A marketer should frequently post new informational articles and videos on each network, and the person who manages the profile should engage the community by commenting on the pictures and posts of other users.

Manage Your Website’s Ratings


Encourage patrons to leave positive ratings by offering them a discount of fifteen percent off of their next order for each beneficial review that they leave on another site. If your site has received negative ratings, contact the poster directly and offer to give them a refund.

An RSS Feed


Your OrangeSoda small business website should have a blog for two reasons. First, consistently posting new articles on your blog will drive your site to the top of the rankings because search engines place importance on the freshness of your content.

The second reason is that you can set up an RSS feed that visitors can subscribe to. RSS stands for Real Simply Syndication, and it truly is really simple. Each time you release a new blog post, that article’s link will automatically be sent to everyone who subscribed to your RSS feed.

Classified Ads


You can place many local classified ads on sites that are frequented by potential customers, such as Craigslist. You should use techniques to make your ad stand out from the others, such as adding an image, offering a large discount and providing a 24/7 hotline that patrons can call to place orders.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing


By creating a pay-per-click marketing campaign, you can place banner ads and text links for your site on hundreds of websites within hours.

Furthermore, you can select the geographical locations from which your site receives traffic, choose the type of devices that you want to accept traffic from and designate the price that you will pay for each click

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